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Christian Keller has always tried to do the right thing. He
got a girl pregnant in high school, Jackie, and married her
soon thereafter. He joined the U.S. Marine Corp. for the
benefits it would provide his new family.  The only problem
is that he graduated high school in June 2001 and signed
up for the military. September 11th happened three
months later and suddenly that dedication to 'do the right
thing' suddenly meant something else.  

In his final moments at home in June 2003, Christian
becomes haunted by the possibility that he may die.  At
the same time every decision he has ever made seems to
be blowing up in his face. Jackie feels like he is
abandoning her.  His daughter clings to a father that is
about to leave.  As his three best friends try to show him a
good time, they realize that growing older isn't all it's
cracked up to be.  The icing on the cake is when one his
old friends from high school, Alicia, shows up and reminds
Christian of the chances he lost when he got Jackie

In the next three days, Christian will be put to the test.  
The most important people in his life will have to learn to
say goodbye as Christian tries to learn how to find peace
with the decisions he has made.          

                                   RUNNING TIME : 125 MINUTES